About us

Dear Visitors and Guests!

We have opened our exclusive centre in the inner city of Tiszafüred, establishing a peaceful island in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Harmónia-sziget (Harmony Island) Beauty • Wellness • Fitness • Health Centre.

“… because harmony makes you beautiful.” (Vavyan Fable)

It is a place without rush and problems, where you can relax, refresh yourself, become beautiful and suntanned, breathe healthy air and do sports or get slim. We would like our guests to leave us with renewed body and soul and visit us again. We can offer several related services under one roof within easy reach and at a reasonable price, while remaining cosy and friendly. Our services complete each other, for example we can offer our hairdresser’s services for your matted hair after having a sauna or solarium; or try our sauna or massages after getting tired in the gym. You can also use the lymphatic massage or the infra sauna after the cavitation ultrasound lipolysis treatment to let fat leave your body as fast as possible.

Our long opening hours enable you to visit us at any time, even after leaving your workplace or if you have time for yourself only at the weekend. Because everybody needs time for themselves – you can have an appointment in the evening or at the weekend, too. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome to our centre!

Our services are the following:

  • Beauty: hairdresser’s, beauty treatments, pedicure-manicure-nail extension, solarium, cavitation ultrasound lipolysis treatment
  • Wellness: massage, sauna (Finnish and infra), and jacuzzi (soon)
  • Fitness-health: FLABéLOS, salt cabin, fitness room (treadmill, exercise bike, ab bench, workout machine, leg machine)

Our central room is the reception where you can wait for your appointment under civilised circumstances, having a nice cup of tea or coffee, so only one guest is both in the hairdresser’s or the beautician’s room, making the treatment more private. Satisfying the needs of families with small children we have a ‘baby-friendly’ corner where your children are supervised while you are using our services.

You can find this centre in a renewed building in the heart of Tiszafüred and we offer you harmony and peace in unforgettable surroundings, on Harmony Island.

” Happiness has nothing to do with social rank or wealth; it is simply the question of harmony.” (Lao-ce)

Our departments created with love and our kind and careful staff help you to relax.

Visit us and be our guest!


Address: 29 Fő Street, Tiszafüred, 5350

Telephone: +3659898050 or +36308781626

e-mail: info@harmoniakozpont.hu, web: www.harmoniakozpont.hu

You can reach Harmónia–sziget (Harmony Island) easily both on foot (from Fő Street) and by car (from Zug Street). We have got our own tarmacked car park behind the building as you can see on the map below

We accept bank and credit cards.

We can offer our vouchers or season tickets for any service – it is a nice present on anniversaries, successful exams, work promotions, hen parties, weddings, etc. The voucher is an elegant and attractive present, an ideal surprise for everybody.

Get fresh with us!

“Harmony is the other name for love – because it is the only state of existence where we can vibrate together with the other person uninterruptedly; we are together while staying ourselves at the same time.” (Müller Péter)